Specific application is not working

If you intend to use applications but they are not functioning well, it could be that we did not provided all permissions the application requires

Kaymera services for applications work as a white list, meaning the applications installed on the Kaymera device will get the permissions we provide to it based on the application profile the device is using. 

Most devices will be using the "default" Application profile. 
Each application installed on at least one of the devices using this application profile will get into the application list and will get only the permission to have access to the internet while the rest of the requested permission by the application will get "Spoof" (we will provide data but not the real one).

Some of the applications will not work if specific permission is not allowed or spoofed. Based on our best practice we decide if we would like to give the application additional permissions. 

If you installed an application from Google Play store (we do not support installations of APK) and it is not working well, most likely this is the reason. 
Please open a ticket by clicking here and provide us with the following:

1. Device IMEI number (if it is in more than one device provide all the devices' IMEI numbers);
2. Make sure the application is already installed on the device (we will not be able to provide permissions to application that is not on the list) if there are several devices with the same issue, make sure all of them have the application installed;
3. Send us the link to the application in the Google Play store;
4. let us know if you would like to give it "All allowed" permission or if there is a specific permission you would like to grant to that application; 

If we decide that based on our best practice we can grant permissions to the application we will do it generally for everyone else as well so everyone with the application profile will be getting those permissions to the application. 
If it is not falling into our best practice we will change it only for those devices.

In some cases, these applications will still not work as they are working through a VPN. To exclude those applications from the VPN you may need to purchase your own Organization set and management system, for that you will need to contact your account manager. 

Note: Once you choose to give permission to a specific application you may compromise your device security, Kaymera does not take responsibility on such cases.