Changing SIM card

If you changed your SIM card on your Kaymera Device

Just follow the process of registering the new phone number.

When you change the SIM card the device will request to do a restart, after the restart, connect it to the internet and in a few seconds a pop-up window will appear asking you to register the new SIM phone number.
NOTE: If the pop-up window not appear, simply press on Kaymera curtain where you see the Service Status, and then you you see the registration SIM card option.

Follow the phone steps to register and it's done. 
1. In the pop-up screen select the country and fill in the SIM phone number (without the leading zero) 
2. Click OK
3. You will see a conformation message telling you that a code will be sent to the number you entered, recheck that the number is correct and click OK or Edit if you found a mistake.
4. You will receive 6 digits code via SMS which will be entered automatically to the device. 
5. If you did not receive the code via SMS (sometimes its blocked) after 30 seconds you can click on getting the code via call.  In this case you will receive a phone call which will tell you the code and you will need to enter it manually. 
 6. At the end of the process you will get a message saying "Congratulations ..."  this means you succeed to register your phone number and you are ready to start using it.