I want to transfer my license

The purchased licenses are valid only to the device registered for it.

In exceptional such as, a device is broken or malfunctioning which can't be fixed, Kaymera will transfer the license.
To transfer your license, open a ticket to support with the following details: 
1. IMEI number of the device you would like to take the license from;  
2. IMEI number of the new Kaymera device (note, the device must be already with Kaymera OS on it);
3. Provide us with the reason for switching the license; 
To open a ticket click here
1. No transfer of license will be provided for better utilizing the license.
2. If you need to flash the new device to the Kaymera OS, you need to contact your account manager and purchase a flashing service.
3. To get the IMEI number of the device open the device dialer and dial *#06#.
If there is no option to open the dialer, you can open settings and scroll down to "About phone" the IMEI will be one of the parameters there. 
Another option is to switch to fastboot mode, navigate with the volume buttons to "barcode" and press the power button to see the barcode. The IMEI is one of the parameters there.
In rare cases where the phone can't be operated, provide us the phone number the device was registered by and we will try to find the IMEI for you.