Keeping groups and data backup

Keeping groups and data backup

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New feature description

Keep groups: when the “keep groups” setting is enabled on the controller side (enabled by default) the user will be able to see all secured messaging groups that he was a part of after reinstalling the application,   and will have the option to re-join those groups (send and receive messages) This option will only appear  after app activation in completed. 

Data backup: Saves all secure messages (text only messages with no attachments), and restores the same messages on the new device.

How to:

Keep groups:

  • Via Management system: the feature is enabled by default, but there is a way to disable it by clicking the “setting” button next to “ user” in the Device Tab (Image1)
  • Via the device: the feature is automatically implemented if it is enabled in the management system. Users will see it only after app activation is completed.
  • Keep-Group Options – after reactivating/activating the App, the user's old groups will be visible again in the Messaging App but without new messages.
     Long hold on to the group of your choice and a pop-up window will appear. Select one of the displayed options (like in Images 2-3): 
    1. Group Info
    2. Leave Group
    3. Rejoin Group

Backup / Restore data:

Kaymera Secure Messenger App

  • In the messaging App,
     Android - click the 3 dots (options) in the upper right corner of the App screen
     IOS – click “More” (options) in the lower right corner of the App screen 
  • Click on “Settings” 
  • Scroll down and choose the “backup data” option (Image 4)
     Create a password (8-32 characters containing at least 1 letter and one number) and confirm by clicking OK. 
  • To restore the data:
     Activate the App and register it again with the same phone number.
  • Open Kaymera Messaging App, the application will find a backup stored for that corresponding number and will offer to restore it. 
  • If you chose to restore the data, you’ll need to put in the password you created for that backup.
    Note: there is no option to change the password or “forgot my password” feature.  
  • All the secured text messages will be restored. (only text messages – no attachments or pictures) 

Kaymera Smartphone

  • The backup option is the same as in Messenger App on Android
  • Via the Management system – when creating/adding a new device you have an option to “clone device”.
     A new device added to the system will get all the configurations similar to the old device and the old device’s license will be deactivated. (Image 5, Image 6)
  • To restore data, you need to register with the same number that you used when doing your backup.  
  • If you wish to change the number, you can register again with a new number, and after data is restored


Limitations / known issues

  • Data backup only saves secure text messages (not attachments).
  • Data Backup is not saving regular messages - only secure conversations.
  • The backup is only valid for the time it was last backed up. Messages after the last backup will not be restored. 
  • The backup is only valid for 3 days – and will be deleted afterward. 
  • Restore data can only be done on the same App type (Android Messenger  to  Android Messenger, iOS Messenger to  iOS Messenger, Kaymera Smartphone to Kaymera Smartphone)
    Backup and restore cross platforms under development
     it is not possible to restore data from IOS to Android App and vice versa 
  • After Registration of the device or the app, groups are restored first (the keep groups option is activated) and only after that, the backed-up data is being restored as well. 
  • To join old groups
    Android: long hold on the name of the group and choose to rejoin the group
     IOS:  swipe the name of the group to the left and then click to rejoin the group.
  • To delete old groups
     Android: long hold on the name of the group and choose to leave the group, then long hold again on the name of the group to choose ‘delete group’.
     IOS : swipe the name of the group to the left and then long hold  to choose the “ leave group” option, and then ‘delete group’






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