Messaging App is in red (Not secure)

If when you open your Kaymera Messaging app it is in red

First, you should try to restore your connection with Kaymera Servers by:
1. Connect the device to a fast, stable, and open internet connection for 10 minutes.
2. Restart the phone and connect it again for 10 minutes.
If this does not solve your issue, it could be that your device was not connected while our servers were updating the devices. In this case, we will need to Reactivate the Certificate to your device.
After the "Reactivate Certificate" is sent to your device the old secured messages will not be opened (they were encrypted with the old certificate).
To Reactivate Certificate please, open a ticket with Kaymera Support here. 
When you open a ticket please provide us with the following:
- Device IMEI;
- When it happens;
- What has been done on the device side in the last hours that may cause the issue?