Device pending activation status

If your phone is on Pending activation status

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First, check if your device is connected to fast and stable internet and if the connection is not limited. 
Some actions can cause this issue such as factory reset. Once you reset your device it lost the encryption key, if nothing had been done on the device, it could be that the device was not connected while our servers were updating the devices. In those cases is needed to reactivate the certificate from the Management System side.
Note that after the "Reactivate Certificate" is sent to your device the old secured messages will not be opened (they were encrypted with the old certificate).
To Reactivate Certificate please, open a ticket with Kaymera Support here. 
When you open a ticket please provide us with the following:
- Device IMEI;
- When it happens;
- What has been done on the device side in the last hours that may cause the issue?