1. Download to your PC (Windows10) the following:
    1. Fastboot tools : https://kaimera-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/shayg_kaymera_com/Ef9tyNTuJhBNrJ_8bg_8miYBh6KNeKBbjCN2Hrytlv9WFQ?e=bfqYsS
    2. Android images
      it is possible to download a suitable image for a specific Android version for a specific device from this location: https://developers.google.com/android/images
      for your convenient you can also download specific version from the list below
      1. Nexus 5x: https://kaimera-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/shayg_kaymera_com/EQxY83XTo_RGgOTsE98TqPUBBFdC0BwwO-hVYxcbAP0Rog?e=Nuh8nQ
      2. Pixel: https://kaimera-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/shayg_kaymera_com/Efpnk1NXtZpOhqQ_gX4e1doBlOofVUQZZwiofU5rdwA73Q?e=hb0GuW 
      3. pixelXL: https://kaimera-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/shayg_kaymera_com/ETyFv_HnrxBHrLyZXW5S3PEB-rAZY7U00mh_cX0ufEjrDw?e=3Zymjo
      4. pixel2:
      5. Pixel2XL: https://kaimera-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/shayg_kaymera_com/EUbCwzo89BdBvVQsrLDxxegBYOAWJv-GMRpw6NZqVaMY7Q?e=gi0jzH
  2. Extract the Android image zip file
  3. Extract the Fastboot and ADB tools zip file in to the directory where all the image files are located
  4. Open CMD (click the windows button and write CMD + enter )
  5. In the command window go to the location when the fastboot and the image files are located
    1. Copy the location from the address bar in the windows explorer
    2. In the CMD window write “cd” and paste the address and press enter
  6. Put the device in fastboot mode (press and hold the volume down and the power buttons for 20 seconds)
  7. Connect the device to the PC with USB type C to Normal USB  cable
  8. In the CMD write the following “fastboot devices” + Enter
     you suppose to see one serial number (one device connected in fastboot mode)
  9. If previous step passed OK, the next step is to unlock the bootloader with the command “fastboot flashing unlock” + Enter
     on your device you will be asked to approve unlocking the bootloader, to do so you click one click on the volume up, validate that it say “unlockboot loader” and approve by clicking the power button
  10. If previous step passed OK you can start the flashing
    from the directory of the image look for the file “flash-all.bat”
     drag and drop this file into the CMD window and click enter
  11. The flashing start
     when its finished you will see press enter to exit
  12. Open the CMD window again and go to the same directory (steps 4-5)
  13. The Device may already started, you need to put the device back in fastboot mode (step6)
  14. Lock the bootloader
    In the CMD write “fastboot flashing lock”
     on the device you will be asked to lock the bootloader, you need to click one click on the volume up, make sure it say “lock boot loader” and click the power button to approve

            You now can disconnect the USB cable and start the device