Troubleshooting is a must-driver and is needed in case the PC does not recognize the device.

- No Device was detected / number of devices connected did not match the number of connected devices:


This issue can be caused due to several reasons:

  • Bad USB cable /USB port on the PC – replace the USB cable or change to a different port on the PC.
    In some cases restarting the PC will help.
  • Device not in fastboot- Make sure the device is in fastboot and click “try again”
  • If the above options did not help, download the new drivers from here

Extract this zip file on your local PC.

Open the “Device Manager” tool on windows.

Look for the Phone device in the connected devices and right-mouse click on it
Select update driver, and select update from the local file
Navigate to the extracted folder and Select the folder “USB_driver” from the extracted folder.

Approve the installation of the new driver.

- Device type detected is not compatible with the image file selected, or more than one type of device was detected - check the devices connected and make sure only the requested device is connected