Troubleshooting Secure Calling: Issues with Receiving Calls

Occasionally, users may encounter an issue where their device can make secure calls but fails to receive them

When the device can make secure calls but fails to receive them, there are two primary factors to consider: contact synchronization and device registration.

Contact Synchronization: One possible cause for the issue lies in the synchronization of your contacts. It's important to ensure that your contact list is properly synced and up to date. Outdated or incomplete contact information can prevent incoming secure calls from reaching your device. To address this, take a moment to review your contact list and make any necessary updates or corrections. 

Read more about Contacts here. 

SIM Registration: The second potential cause relates to your device number not being listed in the database of secured devices. To resolve this, you can try resetting the SIM registration and re-registering your device with its phone number. This process helps ensure that your device is correctly identified as a secure device, allowing for uninterrupted reception of secure calls.


For reset SIM registration, please open a ticket with Kaymera Support, don't forget to provide the relevant IMEI number and the description of your issue. 

Kaymera Help Center


If you are a VPC please follow these instructions:  

To reset SIM registration