What is the difference between Kaymera Essential and Premium?

You can select a messaging and calling app that suits your convenience while enjoying complete protection offered by Kaymera OS.

The main and only difference is that Kaymera Essential version of our secure Operating System DOES NOT include encrypted calls and messages functions.

We believe that there is no secure communications without a secure device, therefore, with Kaymera's Essential we keep providing our users with bulletproof cybersecurity. As to communications: calls and chats. It is completely fine to keep using the messenger of your choice that you trust and Kaymera will still guarantee that hackers won't be able to get to your messengers from your phone. You can still use the messaging app of your choice, as long as you trust it, and Kaymera guarantees that hackers won't be able to compromise your messengers on your phone. It ensures that the device's core functionalities, underlying architecture, apps, and user data are protected against various threats.

Choose a messaging app of your convenience and stay fully protected by Kaymera OS.